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TFF 50/50 - 680mm Wide Tall double door Fridge or Freezer housing

TFF 50/50 - 680mm Wide Tall double door Fridge or Freezer housing

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Height: 2150

Width: 680

Depth: 580

Hinge Colour: Chrome, Steel, Brass, Bronze, Antique Brass

Left or Right Handed Hinged: L or R - door is not rebated for hinges as it will depend on the appliance you have as to if it needs to be or not - this can be done on site by a competent fitter

Notes: this cabinet comes with two doors, designed for most 50/50 or 60/40 Fridge Freezers, contact us for details.  Bottom door is 890mm Tall and also has a spare shelf allowing you to raise the fridge freezer if needed.

Due to the nature and size of the doors the rails DO NOT line up with standard single doors cabinets

These doors are designed to work with the vast majority of appliances - please check with us that yours will work.  They come Unrebated - to allow to be used with fridge units that need the door attached - if you need hinged you will physically need to rebate the hinge into the door.

It is also supplied with spare shelves for above and if needed to raise the Fridge or Freezer 

And two primed packers for the sides of the appliance


Carcase - Oak veneered plywood

Pre lacquered inside to protect and beautifully show off the wood

Frame - solid wood - pre primed

Door Rails - solid wood - pre primed

Centre panel - MDF - pre primed

Hinges - solid metal

Legs - quality adjustable plastic

Drawer Runners - Soft close adjustable drawer runners

Shipping & Returns

Shipping will be calculated dependant on location and shipment size - typically between £450 - £600 for a full kitchen

See our Availability

Care Instructions

insides are pre lacquered - If small scratches are made use a good Beeswax to polish them out - otherwise clean with a soft damp cloth.

Outside is pre primed ready for Undercoats and Top coats.

If any dents or dings occur during delivery or fitting a wood filler can be used to repair to give a final layer for top coats.

Store in a sealed room NOT open to the elements - wood WILL soak up moisture in the air and the doors will expand.

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We have designed and packaged our product to be suitable for a reasonable skilled DIYer to put together.

Cabinets can be changed to suit your needs and style, whether that is the hinge colour, beading or cabinet colour.

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