Our Ordering Process Explained

Buying online has its drawbacks - as well as its advantages.

Here we outline the process of what we do - why and how!

Hopefully it will make sense and if we follow these guidelines from experience we will end up with a kitchen you can love for a long time

Getting a quote

To get a quote all we need is some basic information on what you want - a sketch or a plan or even a quote from somewhere else - it happens!

From this we will use our CAD system to prepare some plans based on our cabinetry and a quote based on those plans listing all the elements you would need to create that kitchen

Adjusting the quote

Inevitably they quote and Layout wont be perfect the first time and it will need adjusting, let us know what you want changed and if its practical and possible we will do this, resend new plans and an update quote 

Like the Quote - Need to see the product

Usually you get to the point when you are happy with the proposed layout and actually want to trough and feel a product to make sure its what you want.

We have three main places you can see us - Ealing in London, Christchurch in Dorset, and Eastleigh in Hampshire - Details here 

Go along have a touch and see the quality, ask some questions - see the options we have and make a choice

Booking a delivery slot

Once you are happy with the quote, the layout and the product typically we would need to book a proposed delivery slot - you can see our availability here 

We then take a £1000 NON REFUNDABLE deposit to secure that slot.

(We can move the slots if required to any free slots but this is non refundable)

We then need you to agree the final layout and quote no later than 8 weeks before delivery (10 weeks is ideal - 8 minimum) ANY delays in signing off the quote will usually push the delivery date back - we DO need this time to get everything together make bespoke units etc. 

Finalising the quote

8 Weeks before delivery we should be in the position to get you to sign off the final order

we ask that you DOUBLE CHECK the order fully - This is what we will deliver and if something has been missed off or not communicated to us and is NOT on that order it WONT happen and YOU will incur additional costs trying to sort further down the line

We cannot stress enough how important it is that YOU CHECK THE QUOTE FULLY

Once signed off we then need the remainder of the 50% deposit (you have already paid £1000) we then start processing the order and it is passed from the showrooms to our warehouse team.


Inevitably with your kitchen you will need Worktops, Fitting, Painting, Sinks, Taps, Handles and Appliances - We can help with all these things and may well have given you a quote or estimate on these already at this stage - if you do want a full proper quote or to book someone in you NEED to tell us at this point.

It is common for someone to call us a few days after delivery and ask when the painter will be coming - and up until that point apart from providing an estimate for painting a few months earlier nobody has mentioned they wanted to take the quote up - so please let us know and we can book in good time

Delivery approaching

Obviously if you experience delays - let us know and we will try and move to a more suitable time for you, we will do the same if we experience them.

About 2 weeks before delivery we will contact you to check you are still ok, get some information on access to the property, and ask a few questions about carrying in the bigger items, sometimes some of the largest items may need to arrive flat packed to access the property - but we will discuss this with you.

If all ok - we will confirm a date in our diary and request the remaining balance is paid at least 1 week before - delays in paying will mean we may have to delay delivery.

Delivery Day

On delivery day we should have given you an estimate on the time our team will arrive - this is entirely traffic dependant.

On arrival they will ask where you would like the items and as long as safe for them continue to unload - We will have a delivery note with us where we have ticked on all items and again we will tick off all items as they come off the van.

 Any problems or issues?

Fitting a kitchen isn't easy - and most fitters will not be used to the type of kitchen we make and supply - if they have ANY questions no matter how silly it may seem we will do our best to explain, draw a sketch or help - Just ask

If you cant find something then let us know - we can check what was ordered and what was signed for.

Need something extra? Just ask and we will try our best to get it to you asap