Product Guarantee's

Product Guarantees: Ensuring Confidence in Every Purchase
Our product is made from the best possible materials and should last a lifetime. Just update the exterior paint occasionally.

Our Cabinet Guarantee offers protection against material defects and workmanship to the following components:

  • Kitchen cabinets (the carcase) - 10 Years
  • Hinges - High Quality Butt Hinges - 10 Years
  • Drawer boxes - Oak dovetailed drawers - 10 Years
  • Runners - DTC Magic Move adjustable runners - 5 Years

Kitchen Doors, Cornice, Plinth, and End Panels are covered by a 5 Year Guarantee against material defects and workmanship.

Why we chose the materials we did - 
The Carcases are made from Oak Veneered Plywood - giving vastly superior strength and also vastly superior water resistance, as opposed to the MDF our competitors use.
The Hinges are supplied to us from Hafele - a leading component distributor and are high quality - due to their nature they have very few moving parts - so there is little that can go wrong with them
Hinge colours Available
Drawer Runners - High Quality DTC Magic Move adjustable drawer runners - Rated by the manufacturer as being suitable up to 40KG per drawer (this will include the drawer weight)
Doors and drawer fronts - Made using traditional methods and solid wood - we are confident that our doors are well made and if not exposed to high humidity or heat will last many years.

Important notes

The Guaranteed Product must be correctly installed, located and used in accordance with any manufacturer’s instructions provided or made available with the product.

The Guarantees only apply to products that have been installed in a residential home within the UK (England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland) & the Isle of Man and does not apply to commercial use or use in a commercial property unless otherwise stated within the product information.

In addition, the Guarantees do not cover:

  • replacement of any accessories and/or consumable items;
  • damage or repairs required as a direct or indirect result of:
    • wilful damage, negligence, accidental damage, misuse of a product;
    • alterations or repairs made by a third party;
    • failure to store or use the Guaranteed Product properly and in accordance with our instructions;
    • swelling due to excessive moisture or other neglect;
    • improper storage following delivery, rot and/or infestation following delivery, leaks (or similar incidents);
  • damaged or repairs caused by faulty or incomplete installation and/or repairs by an unauthorised person;
  • damage caused by events outside our control, including but not limited to household fires, explosion, contact with corrosive matter, extreme weather conditions, flood or vandalism;
  • damage caused as a result of fair wear and tear; and/or
  • damage caused or contributed to by pets, insects or other animals.

Any repaired, exchanged or replacement products will be guaranteed on the terms of this Guarantee for the unexpired portion of the guarantee period only and subject to these same terms and conditions.

Paintwork - As we physically don't paint the cabinets we cannot be held liable for any issues with the paintwork undertaken by someone else.