Shipping & Returns


We deliver our cabinetry on our own Vans (occasionally we may need to use alternative couriers) all over the UK

Typically a van will be able to deliver your whole kitchen in one go, and a cost for this is typically around £450 for a flat packed kitchen within 2 hours drive of our warehouse in Hampshire, or £600 for a Built Kitchen again within 2 hours drive of our Warehouse.

When we do your quote we can give you an accurate cost depending on your location.

We are also happy for you to pick up your cabinetry direct (Pre arranged dates and times) from our Warehouse in Eastleigh, Hampshire.


If you have bought flat packed cabinetry and changed your mind, we will happily take it back at our Warehouse in Eastleigh as long as it is in a resale-able state.
(We cannot accept back cabinets that have been pre built as these will be made to your bespoke needs with hinge colours etc and would not be resale-able)

Damages during delivery 

We have designed our cabinets in such a way to make them as versatile as possible. We used to paint everything in the factory and delivered fully painted kitchens, but as you can imagine delivering a fully painted kitchen, delivering it to a site and fitting it without any damage is almost impossible, and touching up a finished kitchen on site just doesn’t seem right.
So we have developed our cabinets that are pre primed, this means that if there are any knocks or scrapes they are easily rectified before the painter comes to do the top coats, this again ,dams we can offer them to you at at our amazingly low prices.