Terms & Conditions


IMPORTANT – This order is based on YOUR measurements, PLEASE double check them as mistakes can end up costing you money for remakes and delivery costs.

The above items and specification comprise the order in full, and any changes must be signed off on a revised order or a change of order form.

Please contact us if you need to change anything.  

Changes are only accepted when you receive an acknowledgement from us.   

We will start building your kitchen approx. 6 - 8 weeks in advance of the delivery date.  So any changes made within 6 weeks of the scheduled delivery date may mean your order is re-scheduled for a later date or additional costs will be charged if items changed have already been built.


Because we are often booked up several months in advance – it has become the norm to reserve a delivery slot with a £1000 deposit – This holds your slot – BUT it is imperative that you sign off and pay the remainder of a 50% deposit no later than 8 weeks before delivery – Not doing this WILL delay your kitchen delivery

Our payment terms are 50% with the order (8 weeks before delivery) and 50% the week before delivery – NO EXCEPTIONS to this. 


Upon delivery it is YOUR responsibility to check every cabinet and item that is being delivered, ANY problems need to be reported immediately to the driver or the office.  We cannot accept problems reported to us more than 48 hours after delivery, if storing items not ready for fitting you need to make sure they are stored in a dry atmosphere and any tall doors or panels laid flat to stop bending or warping.

Kitchen cabinets, worktops, sinks, taps, etc. will usually be delivered direct from the workshop at the same time.

Notes about Delivery:  

  1. Please advise us in advance if you have any access limitations (low bridges, narrow lanes, etc) generally, if you can get a refuse lorry to your property, our truck will be able to get to you. 

  1. Due to insurance restrictions delivery is to the ground floor only.

  1. If we have manufactured furniture for a specific completion date which is then subsequently delayed due to building work or other unforeseen complications on the part of the client, we require payment to be made in full on the original delivery date. We have limited storage facilities, and so reserve the right to charge the customer any storage charges we incur as a result. Any delivery date is given in good faith but no liability will be accepted by us for any delay.

While it is unusual for us to suffer a delay, in common with other suppliers, we recommend that you only book tradesmen once you have received and checked everything you need to complete the project. 

Classic Kitchens Direct will not be held responsible for any costs as a result of non-delivery on any particular date.

  1. The delivery note must be signed by the customer or authorised individual to acknowledge receipt of the items after checking them. 

  1. Deliveries to Building Sites/Difficult spaces:

The vast majority of deliveries go without a problem. Our delivery teams are always really helpful and will always try to find a solution for any delivery problems that do arise. Our cabinets are solidly built and can be 2.4m tall and weigh upwards of 100kg. So, due to our experience of delivering our kitchens all over the UK for many years, we have introduced the following which we think is fair, and protects you, our teams, and our company.

Our Delivery Team are not permitted to:

Remove gates

Remove doors

Remove windows

Remove fence panels

Due to the weight of our cabinets, our Delivery Team are not permitted to lift them over gates, over fences, through windows etc.

They are also not permitted to carry our cabinets over rough ground which could cause a hazard for 2 men carrying very heavy cabinets including:

Over drainage ditches  

Across temporary planks over drainage ditches.

Please advise when we arrange the delivery of your kitchen if any of the above or any other hazards applies to your delivery site. If it does, we can arrange a kerbside delivery so that you can use your own labour to place the cabinets into your property. If you do not advise us in advance and our delivery teams are faced with any of the above or any other unreasonable hazards they will offer you a choice of either a kerbside delivery, or returning your order to the workshop for a later delivery. However, in the latter case a further delivery charge will be applied to your order.  

Ownership of Goods:

The property of the goods shall not pass to the client until cleared funds payment of the full price is received.


All the items should be checked carefully on delivery and any damaged/faulty items returned to the delivery truck. 

Everything must be thoroughly checked with 48 hours of delivery.

No claims for damage or shortage will be considered after this time. 

Our liability is restricted to supplying missing items and replacing damaged/faulty items including delivery to the original delivery address only.    

Classic Kitchens Direct will not be responsible for any third party costs or consequential loss including contractor’s charges.

Errors and Omissions:

Any typographical or clerical or other error or omission in any sales literature, quotation, price list, and acceptance of offer, invoice or other document issued by Classic Kitchens Direct shall be subject to correction without any liability on the part of Classic Kitchens Direct.


Every effort is made to ensure cabinets are made to the specific size ordered. However, due to the nature of the materials used, and in common with other suppliers, dimensions may vary by up to +/- 2mm. Wood is a hygroscopic material which means it will take up or let out moisture depending on the environment it is placed in. It is important to let wood products acclimatise so that it reaches its EMC (Equilibrium Moisture Content).


Please ensure that you have allowed clearances according to your appliance manufacturer's instructions.


We reserve the right to change specification from time to time to facilitate improvements or because of availability.


You can cancel without penalty up to 45 days before the allocated delivery slot.

Any cancellations after this will incur charges based on what has already been made by us.

Returns & Restocking:

We are more than happy to take back unused or unwanted goods as long as they are in resaleable condition.

You would need to arrange delivery of these items to our warehouse in Eastleigh, Hampshire

There is a 35% restocking and admin charge for all goods.


Any Designers, Colour Consultants, Granite Fitters, Fitters or other contractors suggested by Classic Kitchens Direct are suggested in good faith.     Classic Kitchens Direct will not be held responsible for any work carried out or not carried out or any issues arising therefrom.

Delays and Storage:

Sometimes we are asked to delay the delivery of a kitchen due to over running building works, we will do our best to accommodate this and rearrange when we can, but we are often so booked up we cannot move an allocated production slot.  If we are unable to deliver the kitchen we will have to put it into storage at a cost of £150 per week.   Any storage costs will have to be paid in full BEFORE we will redelivery your kitchen.

The placing of any order is deemed as acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

Checking your order before ordering

Whilst we do our best to check your order, this is YOUR order, so the ultimate responsibility for the final order is YOURS; our rule is “if it’s not written on the order it doesn’t exist”

We speak to 20+ customers every day, so we really can’t remember every conversation we have with every customer, if there is something unusual about a particular cabinet, it NEEDS to be on the order form or it won’t happen, so please make sure it is.

We will not accept people signing an order to say they checked it, and then if something is wrong when manufactured and delivered saying they didn’t check it 


Delivery of items

It is your responsibility to check and tick off EVERY item from the delivery note, check sizes, widths, depths, apertures, damage etc.  

Any discrepancies, damage or errors must be reported to the office within 48 hours, we cannot accept notification of “damage” or “problems” later than 48 hours after delivery – we feel this should give you ample time to check it all and also helps to protect us from “damage and negligence” whilst the kitchen is being stored and not fitted on site where we have no control.

Ordering Timescales

Once you are ready to place an order we will discuss dates with you, typically we are booked up a few months in advance, we would normally then do the following:-

Request a £1000 non-refundable deposit to secure a particular estimated delivery slot (we do this in delivery weeks)

No later than 6 weeks before this slot we will need ALL the final details of your kitchen along with the remainder of the 50% deposit to start making it.  If any information is not received at this deadline then this may delay your delivery.

Before delivery – we will agree a specific day for delivery with you a few days before, we will then request the payment of the final balance before we can allow goods to leave our factory.

Changes to orders

If for any reason you need to make a change to an order after it has been submitted you will need to contact us and let us know in writing EXACTLY what you wish to change.

We will then submit these changes to the workshop, if the item you are requesting to change has already been made or started this may incur additional costs which will need to be paid before delivery.

Delays on site

If you project is running behind – please let us know as soon as possible as we will look at moving your delivery to help you, sometimes due to storage limitations this is not always possible.

We may then give you the option of us storing it at the cost determined in our T&C’s on the order or delivery somewhere else for you and you can store it at your own cost.

Delays in the workshop

As with any other business occasionally we have machine break downs or staff illnesses, being a small company this can affect the workshop and can delay delivery times, whilst we try to minimise these problems you need to be aware they can happen.  As with the T&Cs on the order we suggest you do not book in tradesmen before you are certain you have everything on site as we won’t be held responsible for delays as we do not guarantee a particular day


Just like everyone else, we do occasionally make mistakes, when this happens we will do our best to remedy them as quickly and efficiently as possible, but when items need to be remade, painted etc this can take time, as above we will not be held liable for fitting costs as we are supply only.

Worktops Templating

If we have arranged for a supplier to template your worktops you will need to be on site to answer any questions the templaters may have.  If you are not, we will not be held responsible.

Caring for your kitchen 

Please see our website FAQ’s for more details, including newly plastered rooms and underfloor heating.