About us - Classic Kitchens Direct

Classic KItchens Direct

Classic Kitchens Direct have been making and selling Beautiful kitchens for over 40 years.

Starting in Christchurch, Dorset back in the 80’s - Under the once stylish name of Elite Designs!

Now called Classic Kitchens Direct  we sell the best quality DIY kitchen cabinets in the UK.

Since then we have developed what we do and now offer our stunning cabinetry all across the UK


Classic Kitchens Direct

Our focus is to make the very BEST kitchens we can at the lowest possible prices. Not an easy task.

Amazing Quality

We developed our cabinets over the years to offer what we believe is the best quality kitchens in the UK.

Choosing only the best materials possible.

We ended up choosing:-

Oak Veneered plywood for the cabinets

Dovetailed Oak for the drawers

Wooden doors and frames.

As a result we have amazing quality cabinetry. Available as a DIY Kitchen.

As a result we set about working out how to produce this and offer it at the best possible prices.

We ended up with a range of cabinets we get made in Bulk using these materials. 

This means they can come straight off the shelf and be built with a choice of options to truly make this your kitchen.

We ended up with a stock of these cabinets in our Warehouse in Eastleigh in Hampshire ready to ship direct to you.

They can be painted in any colour and there are various options such as Hinges, Plinth and cornice to make them truly bespoke to you.

Available as a DIY Kitchen or Flat Pack kitchen.

Have a look at our Galleries for some inspiration on what can be achieved.

Amazing Awards and Recognition

Classic Kitchens Direct have been truly blessed to be awarded again and again for what we do - see more on our wesite here 

We are so proud and grateful for all the recognition we get, this also goes out to our supports on Social Media like Instagram and Facebook who help get the word out about us.