Design & Style Choices

Design and style choices

Beacuse our standard product design is easy to customise and really create it as your own, It's perfect for every kitchen.

Our standard product comes with a plain 40mm frame and plain shaker door.

There are lots of options meaning you can really make it your own are:-

*Beading on the doors

*Hinge colours



*End panels



*Bespoke Items


 Beading options 

*Beading on the doors

Our standard product comes with a plain frame and also a plain shaker door

as seen below we call this our DORSET kitchen Style


From this standard product we can add beading to the internal door panels, as a result you end up with a more decorative design.

Examples of this design can be seen below

This is called our WINCHESTER bead 

Beaded Door D
 This is called our HAMPSHIRE bead
Beaded Door C
This is called our LONDON bead
 Beaded Door B
This is called our SUSSEX bead
 Beaded Door A

Here is a beautiful example of this with a beaded door panels.

This kitchen has out LONDON bead 


 *Hinge colours 

You can change the colour of the hinges - Typically you would match them up to the handles you are choosing



The design of handle you choose for your Handmade kitchen will really change the overall look of the kitchen, traditionally Cups and Knobs work well with In-frame cabinetry - but if you want a more modern look you can add bars

Here are two examples -


Kitchen Picture

See our galleries 


The final choice of colour will probably be the biggest single thing that determines the finished look - from Off whites to Bold dark colours

Here are some examples 


stunning handmade bespoke kitchens

*End panels

A huge choice on panels that again will alter the final look

From clean and sleek, to Georgian, to Country Kitchen

-Plain panels

-V Grooved panels

-Panelled Panels



The Cornice that sits on top of the cabinets can also create a different look 

We have several standard styles available - but if you want something different its not a huge problem

Cornice Types


Our standard cabinet has legs that come to the floor on both sides.

This would normally have plinth set back behind so the legs are visible.

We can however provide skirting that goes along the front to create a more traditional kitchen look - or even to cut off the legs and have  a long unbroken length of plinth set back - its easy to change

Legs Visible


Skirting Attached


*Bespoke Items

Need something to compliment the standard kitchen - but have an odd space? Because of our range this is not a problem, we can make cabinets to compliment our standard range from our bespoke materials range.



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