Flat Packed V Built Cabinets

Looking for a Flat Packed Kitchen or DIY Kitchen option, then you have found us!

Unfortunately cost is always an issue, and until we find that elusive money tree, price will always be a major factor for people choosing which company they want to help create their dream kitchen.

To try and help and make our kitchens as affordable as we can we have now perfected our DIY Kitchen cabinets and Flat Packed kitchen  cabinet format.

Below is a breakdown of the main points.

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Flat Packed V Built Cabinets

If your looking for the perfect DIY Kitchens or Flat Packed Kitchens then this is perfect for you. 

You get the cost savings but still the amazing quality of Oak veneered ply carcases.

A common question we get about this is "How easy is it to put your cabinets together?"

The general answer is "Pretty easy" we have worked long and hard to make sure that what we offer causes you as few problems as possible for a DIY kitchen

Because if you don't have problems, then we don't either, and quite frankly.   We Like that!
We have perfected the cabinets so that anyone with a little DIY knowledge & skill should easily be able to unbox and quickly put together what we offer.  

There are videos of this below..

Screw holes is pre drilled and marked

Drawer runners positions are all marked

Dovetail drawers go together like a dream!

The only part that takes a little more time and skill is attaching the door or drawer front as we cant unfortunately do that whilst it is flat packed

(you may want it left or right hand hinged or a choice of 5 hinge colours, so there are too many options to allow this)

Videos of how easy they are to assemble


Some nice touches -

We have grooved the frame so that it will only fit if you have put the cabinet panels in the correct order.

It also ensures that the cabinet is fitted Square to the frame which with an In-Frame kitchen is pretty essential.

We have pre drilled the holes ready to insert the screws and tighten

All Carcases are Pocket holed to easily attach the frame

This also helps with working out which is the front and back of each panel.

The insides are fully lacquered and are ready to use after a simple wipe with a damp cloth.

We have fully Primed the fronts ready to be rubbed down and caulked ready for undercoating and final painting.

There is a 40mm Service void for pipes, wires etc on all base cabinets.

We have detailed CAD drawings for every cabinet available for you to see BEFORE you buy!

 Kitchen Picture

If however you or your fitter would prefer us to unbox and put them all together then this is also fine too

We can then hinge all doors, fix all drawers etc. ready for delivery and fitting on site. (Obviously there is a cost to this

we will outline this in the quote)

 So if your looking for the perfect Flat Pack Kitchen or the perfect DIY kitchen you have come to the right place.

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