Plywood V MDF

Plywood Versus MDF water test

We often get asked why we use Oak veneered plywood as typically its about 3 times the cost of Oak veneered MDF. (used by our competitors)

There are a few reasons, Strength & Durability to name just two.

But the main one is Water resistance.

In ANY kitchen you have water and you WILL at some point have a small leak or water spillage - sometimes not so small !!

So we did a small experiment to highlight what we feel is the biggest selling point of our kitchens above anyone else's.

We took 2 samples of wood - 

*One was Oak veneered ply from our cabinet's

*The second was Oak Veneered MDF the same as out competitors would use.

These are the results

Sample on the left "Oak Veneered MDF" and on the right "Oak Veneered Plywood"

Ply Sample


The water bath to simulate a leak

Water bath 1

60 seconds later - Already the MDF is soaking up water

water bath 2

5 minutes later

water bath 3

30 Minutes later

water bath 4

Removed from water after 1 hour 

water bath 5

Picture below is a close up of the Plywood after 1 hour soaking in the water.

The construction and glues used means there is almost no water take in.

Ply 1 hour later 

Below is the MDF after one hour in 3cm of water

It has soak in 14cm into the material and is very wet 

MDF 1 hour later

 See a video here 


2 Weeks later!!!!

2 weeks later

The MDF has gone black and mould has started growing

The Ply Looks as good as new

MDF mould

MDF developed mould

Ply as good as new

Plywood dried out and not a sign of dampness