Painting your Kitchen

Painting your Kitchen

We often get asked why we don't paint the kitchens in the workshop, the simple and most straightforward answer is "Because it isn't the best option"

For many years we spray painted our kitchens and delivered them fully painted - this in itself sounds great - But imagine taking a painted wooden cabinet, loading it onto a van, strapping it so it doesn't move around, packing numerous other cabinets around it. 

Then driving 200 miles and unloading them on a building site, getting them through doors and hallways.

Then fitting them, Getting worktops templated and fitted, sinks and taps fitted and handles fitted WITHOUT ANY DAMAGE!!

Green Handmade Painted kitchen

Honestly, it's near impossible, then you have to "repair" a cabinet on site and with a spray painted kitchen this isn't easy or ideal.

Doing it the way we do, gives your a more practical way of achieving your beautiful end goal of a stunning kitchen.
It means that if anyone scratches, dents or damages a frame, door or corner, it can easily be repaired with some wood filler, sanded down and made as good as new before it is then hand painted.
If you speak to ANY of the Premium/Branded Suppliers of this type of kitchen this is how they all do it - Simply because the end result will be way better.


That's not all!
Doing it this way also means that you don’t actually need to commit to the colour of your kitchen months before the room is even built in some cases!
You can get it installed and try a few colours to see what you would like before you commit.

Bespoke colours on our handmade kitchens

It also doesn't end there - as its Hand Painted it means that if you scratch or damage your kitchen further down the line it is a LOT easier to repair than if it was Spray painted!  Modern water based paints aren't as tough as older oil based paints - but they have a fraction of the environmental impact - so its what we use and recommend - this does mean that your kitchen will need touching up and maintenance to keep it looking amazing. 

Imagine if you scratched your car and needed to tough it up with a paintbrush! It wouldn't look great!


We do offer some advice on painting and the products we like here - or if you are planning painting yourself we really like paint from this company

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