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Luxury Kitchens  

At Classic Kitchens Direct we are a company that supply Luxury and Bespoke White kitchens.

We do of course supply other colours!

All direct to you in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes. 

The only difference between us and our competitors is our amazingly honest and low prices.

We try and make everything as transparent as we can and every item is listed with a clear cost.

So you can choose what you want and know the overall affect it will have on your quote and cost of your kitchen.

Our Range of cabinets has been developed using quality materials along with great engineering to provide what we believe to be the best kitchen cabinets in the UK.

We use the very best Oak Veneered Plywood for the cabinets. 

Because it gives greater strength and amazing water resistance.   

Whereas the majority of our competitors use MDF - which when wet acts like a sponge!

Our Drawers are all made using traditional Divetailing and made from Solid Oak.

As a result we offer amazing quality cabinetry 

And our doors and frames are all made from solid wood, the only part that isn't is the centre panel on the shaker design.  This is MDF as it is too thin to be a solid wood.