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Five Methods - Botanical interior can enhance your kitchen aesthetic

Ever wanted to bring the outside in? And make your home feel at one with Nature?
At CKD we love nature and for every kitchen we sell we arrange for 500 trees to be planted - see more here
Its proven that having houseplants in and around your home can increase your positivity and also give you cleaner air to breathe.
Here we look at Five methods to enhance your kitchen Aesthetic by using plants.
  1. Take a calm & neutral approach:

Having a neutral base palette for your kitchen will allow for a colour pop of the various earthy colours, such as green and brown. This will allow for a fresh, eye catchy and lively space.

  1. Mix &Match your plants:

A major positive about the use of plants is they are vast in texture, colour, size etc.. Don’t be shy to mix up your plant selection, this will provide character and range to your kitchen.

  1. Botanical wallpaper:

The use of wallpaper could just be what you need to make your kitchen the statement of your home. The various prints, finishes, textures etc. all add to your kitchen aesthetic.

  1. Wood, figs, branches or bamboos?

Sustainability is a major positive, the use of bamboo sticks, wooden cladding can all be manipulated to suit your aesthetic., for example, furniture.. Island stools or a bamboo feature under the island. The potential is endless.

  1. Wall art:

The easiest way to bring life into a space is wall art. You can create your own art inspired by nature or you can manipulate actual leaves and make it into art or simply buy something nature inspired.


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