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All things Neutral tones for your kitchen

I'm sure we’ve all wondered why are neutral colours so popular?

Here are a 3 Top reasons and trends for 2023

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The major advantage with choosing a natural colour for your kitchen is that it is easy to match with almost any other colour/texture. You can use plants to brighten up the space or go bolder with colours with different decoctive elements like cushions and vases and appliances like toasters and kettles to bring a colour pop.

Neutral Tones


Neutral colours will never go out of trend. You can maintain the colour throughout time but change other various elements around your home to keep in trend with current events. Neutral colours provides a clean and classy look; along with a goo foundation to allow for other creative aspects to stand out more.

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A clever way to create the illusion of a bigger space is to use neutral/light colours. This helps give the appearance of openness adding to the imagery of ‘free-flowing space’ making the space seem bigger.

Some popular neutral shades include, off-white, powder blue, warm taupe, beige, dusty pink, graphite green etc.

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