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Should you incorporate glass into your kitchen?

Yes, you absolutely should, here are a few reasons why...


1.Maximize light – By adding glass into your kitchen this will help brighten darker corners in your kitchen by allowing natural light to bounce and reflect off the glass.

2.Illusion – Glass adds to the manipulation of making a smaller room appear bigger and free-flowing.

Glass in kitchen

3.Monotony – Sometimes the appearance of many kitchen cabinets can look dull, boring and wearisome – also known as monotonous. The us of glass allows the break-up of solid dull looking cabinets by helping create texture (frosted glass), brightening the space (transparent glass) and aesthesis by allowing room to be able to have a display in your kitchen.

glazed unit

4.Display –  The use of glass does allow for you to be able to showcase your style and/or best cookware/dishes to your guests. With displays you can be bold, colourful or simplistic and minimal depending on your style – all which can tie in your kitchen perfectly.

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