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Downdrafts and How they Work

What is a downdraft Extractor?

Is an extractor fan is set up flush within a kitchen countertop behind the hob. The fan rises 30-40cm above the work surface, extracting the air over the hob.

Where does the air go?

Downdraft extractor fans are equip with a recirculating air system. The air is blown through this filter into the kitchen cabinet.



  • Oder- Less fumes and grease particles as orders are absorbed at the countertop
  • Clear view – it is not visually heavy as it allows for a minimal and tidy aesthetic
  • Design versatility – extractor hoods do take up a lot of space, the use of a downdraft will allow for more flexibility within your kitchen design e.g. including shelves and cabinets above.
  • Easy to clean – easily taken apart to clean

Downdraft 2


  • Restricted – the performance may not always be the best as it is smaller and has the potential to obstruct air-flow
  • Upkeep – The filter needs to be changed frequently
  • Odours - Orders are partially removed, the older the filter the harder it is to remove the odours
  • Moisture - The constant exposure to moisture has the risk of damaging the cabinet

Downdraft 3

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