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All about Shelves!

The use of shelving has become a popular design feature for 2023 kitchen trends, lets share with you a few reasons why:


Cost – The amazing thing about shelves is that are very affordable. It is also common to hear people making shelves off spare pieces of wood. What a great way to keep up with trends without breaking your bank!

Connect – Have you come across a problem were your kitchen looks feels like two separate spaces and you want a more ‘free-slowing’ design language; the best and easiest way to help connect spaces is the use of shelves. They can run all across a space and not look out of place or they can be placed creatively around the kitchen to also join the space. 

Shelves 2

Clean -  For those that prefer a more minimal and clean clutter free space, shelving does provide room for storage above and more useable free worktop surface below.

Access – Many drawers and cabinets may not be ideal for everyone as some may prefer to store their items closer to their appliances such as by the cooker and sink.

Shelves 3

Display – Shelves provide the chance to showcase some of your best dishes/ cookware or your own chosen decorative elements. Personalising your kitchen by adding a bit of colour, texture or objects to your kitchen shelf can provide character and warmth to the space.

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